Shamama SoulFire

Energy Medicine Alchemist • Spirit  Shaman • 3rd° Reiki Master Teacher • Retreats • Classes

Shamama SoulFire

Energy Medicine Alchemist • Spirit  Shaman • 3rd° Reiki Master Teacher • Retreats • Classes

Awaken Your Soul Fire!

Are you ready to Awaken Your Soul Fire? I will put Your Power Back into YOUR Hands!

Are you experiencing anxiety, sadness, confusion or depression? Have you suffered loss or trauma? Perhaps you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your personal growth. Maybe you have begun "awakening" but aren't sure how to navigate. The Sacred Alchemy of spirit medicine, reiki, sound, scent, vibration, stones, crystals, the elements, and intuitive guidance are formidable tools for healing alchemy and harnessing the power of your inner truth. 

I came to know this power after a sudden severe illness and near-death experience catalyzed my initiation as a shaman. I am a facilitator, a guide, a translator, a witness, an observer, a channeller, an extractor, a teacher, a way-shower, an alchemist, and an empowerment leader. My calling is to help YOU experience healing transformation, transmute trauma into ease, grace, and beauty, take your power back and step into your sacred sovereignty!

To find out more about what energy medicine is and why it works, let me answer the question, "What is Sacred Alchemy and energy medicine?"

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Let's Awaken YOUR Soul Fire!

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Current video recorded at the Fall Equinox Reflection, Gratitude, & Healing Retreat at Spirit Reunions in Jonesborough, TN.

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